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Friday, October 23rd, 2009

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National Organization for Marriage Shows Its True Colors – Sues State of Maine to Change Reporting Laws

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

AUGUSTA, MAINE — In one of the boldest attempts to circumvent a state election law in recent memory, the Washington, DC based National Organization for Marriage (NOM) filed suit in Federal Court yesterday to wipe out Maine’s campaign reporting law. NOM is the biggest contributor by far to Question 1, which would rescind Maine’s recently enacted same-sex marriage law. The Maine Ethics Commission voted on October 1, 2009 to launch an investigation of NOM for improper reporting and possible money laundering charges at the request of Fred Karger, founder of Californians Against Hate. Karger filed a formal complaint on August 24, 2009 against NOM and the Yes on Question 1 committee, Stand for Marriage Maine.

“These people come into Maine from Washington, DC fully aware of the state election laws, pay $350,000 to professional signature gatherers to qualify their referendum to take away the rights of a minority, and then have the audacity to sue the state to change its years old election laws,” said Fred Karger. “They did the identical thing in California after that state’s ethics commission, the California Fair Political Practices Commission, launched an investigation of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon Church), and the very same National Organization for Marriage, whom many feel was created by the Mormon Church.”

“Do they think they are in Afghanistan or Iran?” asked Karger. “We have long-standing laws in this country which allow for free and open elections, but NOM continues to try and get around these state and federal laws at every opportunity. The State of Maine Commission on Governmental Ethics and Elections Practices showed tremendous courage when its Commissioners voted to investigate the highly questionable finances of the National Organization for Marriage at its October 1st meeting. This was done under the threat of a law suit. They are to be commended for standing up for transparency and truth in Maine elections.”

Here is a copy of the AP story: Anti-gay Marriage Group Challenges Reporting Requirements

Copy of Law Suit: Motion for Temporary Restraining Order

The Actual Complaint – Verified Complaint for Declaratory and Injunctive Relief

The National Organization for Marriage has already contributed over $500,000 to Stand for Marriage Maine, Yes on Question 1, but refuses to file as a PAC in Maine. This is 100 times the $5,000 PAC requirement. It appears that all other committees raising money for Question 1 have complied with the law, including the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland, that has given over $350,000 to the election.

Proposition 8 Film Explains Mormon Gay Marriage Involvement

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Karger: Proposition 8 Film Explains Mormon Gay Marriage Involvement

By Carlos Santoscoy Published: October 21, 2009

Director Reed Cowan’s documentary on the Mormon Church’s decades-old involvement in the fight to ban gay marriage in the United States is ready for its premiere screening. And Californians Against Hate Founder Fred Karger says the film will “undoubtedly change history.”

While still in production the film drew fire when Cowan released several controversial audio clips in February.

Utah State Senator Chris Buttars, a practicing Mormon, lost his chair of the powerful Judicial Committee after the Republican was heard in a Cowan interview calling the gay rights movement “probably the greatest threat to America” and gay folks “mean.”

“They’re mean. They want to talk about being nice. They’re the meanest buggers I have ever seen.”

“It’s just like the Muslims,” he adds, moments later. “Muslims are good people and their religion is anti-war. But it’s been taken over by the radical side.”

Not surprisingly, Cowan’s trailer for his film, 8: The Mormon Proposition, begins with a tight close up of the senator.

In a series of interviews with Mormon Church leaders, gay activists and Utah politicians, Cowan shines a bright light on the church’s profuse involvement in banning gay marriage throughout the nation since the early 1990s. A revelation no more since Karger began meddling in the church’s affairs.

“It tells my story,” Karger told On Top Magazine. And it will “knock your socks off,” he added.

Cowan first interviewed Karger in San Francisco. The pair met in front of the Castro Theater on Wednesday, March 4 just as a huge gay marriage vigil was about to step off. Karger spoke to the filmmaker two more times over the course of the next year.

What is the Mormon proposition? The film is expected to showcase the major gay marriage battles the Mormon Church has backed since Utah became the first state to ban gay marriage in 1995. And how church officials attempted to conceal their deep involvement in the issue. Is the Mormon Church the mastermind puppeteer of the anti-gay marriage movement?

In a blog post, Cowan said the film had divided his family.

“My determination [to finish the film] has been tested. At this writing, I have lost communication with my sisters and my mother and my father. They are wonderful people and they are Mormons. The fear they have over what this film will say has worn thin to the point that our relationships are stressed and I fear broken forever,” he said.

The film is being considered for a Sundance Film Festival premiere in January.